Yes, weekend will come in. What do you do this weekend? If you plan to spend most of your time together with your girlfriend, it is a good choice. Nevertheless, make sure that you do fun and useful activities like mentioned below, so that you and your girlfriend are more intimate:

candle_light_dinner.jpg Have candle light dinner

One of the romantic things that are liked by women is having candle light dinner. For this, invite her to have candle light dinner together. Choose romantic restaurant that offers delicious foods. Make sure that you order table earlier. Anyway, should you have dinner at romantic restaurant? Of course, you should not, especially if you don’t have enough budgets. To deal with this, invite her to have dinner at your home. Remember to decorate dining room first before having dinner. Besides, buy a rose bouquet for her.

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Do sports

If your girlfriend does not like doing sport, invite her to do this activity now. Tell her that doing sport is very useful for body’s health. Remember not to force her. For the first time, invite her to jog for 10-15 minutes. In contrast, if she likes doing sports, invite her to play tennis, basketball, or badminton and ride bike.

Cook and invent delicious foods

Undoubtedly, cooking is identical with women. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you don’t have to know how to cook. Invite and accompany her to cook and ask her to teach you. If you are good enough at cooking, invent delicious foods. To make this activity more enjoyable, play happy and romantic songs and sing together.